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Tips For Ordering Custom-Made Living Room Furniture

If you recently purchased a home and have not been able to find the right living room furniture, then it makes a lot of sense to custom order. Custom-made furniture reflects your true design style and looks like it was made specifically for your living room — because it was!

If you have never ordered custom furniture, then these tips will help you.

Tip: Set a Realistic Budget 

If you dismissed custom furniture as an option because you assumed it would be too expensive, then you will be pleased to learn this isn't the case. 

Yes, if you want an extra-large sofa made of exotic leather and hardwoods, then you should expect to pay up for it. However, most living room furniture doesn't need to be any more expensive than the pieces you have seen at local furniture stores.

However, before you start shopping, you need to set a realistic budget. Setting a budget will keep you from overspending and save you time by immediately excluding options outside of your budget.

Tip: Always Request a Fabric or Wood Sample

The lights in a furniture showroom are different than the lights in your home. This difference will affect the look of both fabrics and wood. To ensure you like the fabrics and wood choices you make, request samples to take home. Place the samples in your living room and see how they look in your home's light.

If you have children or pets, evaluate how well the chosen fabric will hold up. If your family will eat or drink around the new furniture, introduce some stains to the fabric sample and see how it cleans up.

Tip: Measure, Measure, and Measure Again

Finally, it is vital to measure well before ordering custom living room furniture. Not only do you need to measure the space where each piece will go, but you also need to measure door openings and stairwell widths. If you skip these measurements, you might discover you have ordered amazing furniture that you physically can't get into your living room.

Tip: Find Out the Return Policy

Finally, before ordering furniture, make sure you have a clear understanding of the maker's return policy. If your furniture is not to your liking, can you return it? Can you exchange a piece or have it recovered? Understanding a furniture maker's return policy is important and it is never something to make assumptions about.

For more information on custom-made furniture, contact a company near you.