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3 Alternatives To The Traditional Bed Skirt

A bed skirt has long been the only solution for hiding ugly box springs or utilitarian basic bed frames. Unfortunately, bed skirts come with their own problems and challenges. They tend to slip and sag, requiring constant adjustment. Bed skirts can also be a nuisance, catching dust and becoming dingy in appearance. Fortunately, there are now several alternatives to basic bed skirts that are both attractive and easy to maintain. 

1. Bed Wraps

A bed wrap is similar to a skirt, but it fits more snugly and you don't have to remove the mattress in order to put it on. Bed wraps are also sometimes called Velcro skirts, because they use hook-and-loop tape to secure them, or they may be referred to as wrap-around skirting. A bed wrap consists of a long narrow panel that is attached directly to the top edge of the side of the box spring. Unlike a a skirt, a wrap stretches tautly around the frame so it doesn't flutter and get in the way.

2. Box Spring Covers

If you have an attractive bed frame that you don't want to cover up, then a box spring cover could be the skirt alternative you are looking for. These stretchy covers fit around the box spring similar to a fitted sheet. The difference is they are made of a thicker high quality material, often one that is more durable than a standard sheet. They are available in a range of colors and patterns to match your bedding and decor. A cover ensures the box spring is attractive since it will be visible on a pretty platform frame. 

3. Platform Panels

Do you love the look of a platform bed but you don't want to invest in one right now? Platform panels are used to make basic rail-style bed frames mimic the look of a nice platform bed. These panels consist of a thin rigid backing material, typically wood. The wood may be stained or painted, or it may have fabric stretched over it for more texture and beauty. The panels are fitted around the box spring to create a faux platform look. Some panels are made to only cover the space under the bed, so these must be used in conjunction with a box spring cover.

There are many bed skirt alternatives available, so finding the solution that matches your needs and decor is simple. Contact a bedding showroom to see what sort of alternative options will work well with your bed and style. 

For more information on a bed skirt alternative, contact a company near you.