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Three Benches To Add To Your Outdoor Living Space

A variety of pieces of outdoor furniture can help to give your outdoor living space a diverse look while also offering different seating options for your family and guests. If you currently have some chairs on your patio or deck but you're looking for additional seating options, one type of furniture to consider is a bench. Your local furniture store carries a number of different benches designed for outdoor usage, which means that you won't have trouble finding a product that suits your available space and matches or complements your other outdoor furniture. Here are three benches that you may wish to consider.

Garden Bench

You'll see the term "garden bench" used to describe all sorts of outdoor benches. Some have a metal frame at each end and wooden slats that make up the seat and back support, while others are built entirely out of wood. Both styles have benefits — the bench made of metal and wood offers a classic look, while the all-wood model will tend to be a little lighter if you plan to occasionally move the bench around. Either product can add to the look of your outdoor living space while also providing seating for two.

Backless Bench

Another outdoor bench that you'll find at your local furniture store is a backless bench. This is a bench that solely consists of the seat. While its lack of a back support may not make it as comfortable as a garden bench, it's valuable because of its compact size. A lot of people store backless benches beneath an outdoor table. When you're eating outside, you can simply slide this bench out to provide easy seating at the table for a few people. You can also position a backless bench against the exterior wall of your home to provide some back support for those who sit on it.

Cushioned Bench

If you're looking for a bench that provides a high degree of comfort, a cushioned bench should be your focus. When you sit on the above two benches, you're sitting directly on wood. While some people won't mind this, others will favor a bench that offers more padding below their body. Your furniture store will have a selection of cushioned benches made from a variety of materials. Their common thread is that they have a thick cushion that covers the seat, similar to some of the outdoor chairs that you may have. The cushions come in all sorts of styles, so you can choose something that complements the cushions on your existing outdoor furniture.