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How Stand-Up Desks Help Your Office And Employees

You can bring stand-up desks into the office, and they can help both a business and its employees at the same time. There are many benefits that come with this style of desk. Here are some ways stand up desks can help a business, as well as its employees: 

How a stand-up desk benefits the employees

Fewer backaches - Sitting at a desk for hours can cause a lot of people to have backaches. With a standing desk, when an employee starts to feel like the sitting is getting to them, they can log in and do a bit of work at the stand-up desk. This can help prevent them from getting backaches. Although not quite as common, sitting for long periods of time can also cause sore necks, which can in return cause headaches. 

Calorie burning - When someone is sitting for hours at a desk, they will lose fewer calories than if they were doing some moving around. With a stand-up desk in the office, the employees can use that terminal and even do a little walking in place while they burn more calories and possibly lose weight. Also, they will be less likely to snack at a stand-up desk than they would at a regular desk. 

How a stand-up desk benefits the business

Increased productivity - When your employees have a sore back, neck, or head, then they aren't going to be performing at their best. This means they aren't going to be able to do the same quality of work they would normally do. It also means that they will likely work slower. This is why helping to prevent them from getting sore at a desk will help the business. Once you bring in stand-up desks, you may be surprised by the level of productivity your office achieves. 

Healthier employees - When you help your employees shed their extra eight by bringing in stand-up desks, you will also be helping to decrease the amount of missed work some of your employees will have. Excessive weight can lead to a lot of different health problems. When employees have a health scare, that translates into time missed from work. This is another reason why a stand-up desk helps your business. 


When you get stand-up desks for your office, you want to make sure all employees are introduced to it and told that they can use it any time they want. This way, they will feel free to switch to the stand-up desk without feeling as if they may not be invited to use it without getting permission.

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