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Key Features to Look tor in a 5-Piece Dining Room Set

A 5-piece dining room set is the perfect size for a small dining room or for an eat-in kitchen. Usually, these sets consist of either a square or circular table, plus four matching chairs. You'll want to choose a set that matches your decor, but color is not the only element to consider. Here are a few other key features to look for in a 5-piece dining set.

Comfortable Chair Height

Before you buy a certain 5-piece dining room set, try getting in and out of the chairs. You want to make sure that you can get on and off them easily, and that there is enough space for your legs between the chair and the table. Depending on your height, you may be happier with a taller, counter-height table, or you may want a lower, shorter one. 

Easily Cleanable Surface

Of course, you're going to be cleaning your dining room table and chairs often to keep them looking their best. You want to be sure this is easy to do with products you can easily obtain. Often, the tag on a dining set will tell you how it needs to be cleaned. Dining tables that have glass tops that you can wipe down with all-purpose cleaner tend to be easier to clean than wood-top tables that require specialized cleaners. Also, chairs with upholstery tend to be harder to clean than hard chairs with detachable cushions.

Sturdy Supports

Examine the way the legs are attached to the chairs and the tables. Look at the legs themselves, too. Do they appear to be sturdy and attached well? Some really unique, designer tables look cool but are not built that sturdy. If you're going to be moving the table often and using it daily, it's worth getting one with a little thicker construction.

Rounded Corners

Even if you choose a square table and chairs that have a more geometric design, you want to make sure they all have rounded-off corners. This way, if someone bumps into the table or chairs, it won't hurt as much. This is especially important if you'll have kids around the table. In fact, when you have kids, round tables and chairs with rounded backs tend to be preferable for this reason.

Consider the features above as you browse your 5-piece dining set options. Many furniture stores carry a lot of different sets, so you should have plenty to choose from.