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3 Ways To Use Sectional Couches For Naps

If you seek out a lot of seating space on your furniture, then you may want to purchase a sectional couch. The couches feature a lot of space to move around and are an ideal location to relax and have a daily nap without the need to head to your bed. Check out specific elements to look for when you shop for sectionals and learn some new ways to enjoy naps.

1. Chaise Lounge

Many sectional couches will feature an extended section on the end known as a chaise lounge. The section allows you to extend your feet outward fully without them touching the ground. The chaise lounge provides a way to lounge back and enjoy a nice nap.

You can use the couch cushions for comfort or add some throw pillows to the couch for extra head and neck support. The built-in armrests on the couch add a nice barrier if you're the type of person who often moves around in their sleep.

Some of the larger sectional couches may have a chaise lounge on each end and provide two locations for naps.

2. Slide Out Sleeper Sections

Some couches feature add-on options that expand the usefulness of the couch. For example, you could purchase a slide out sleeper section to go with a sectional couch. The sleeper section would feature a pull-out part with a small boarded bed frame. The top cushion would unzip and split in half to lay over the pulled out section.

The small area is an ideal nap spot for children and can expand to give more legroom. The space is ideal for quick naps and extra comfort for any house guests who need an extra space to lay down.

3. U-Shaped Sectional

If you really seek out a place to stretch and nap, then consider a u-shaped sectional. The expanded size of the sectional couch allows you to fully lay out and keep your head flat down as well. Even if you lay out and nap, you will leave plenty of other extra seats on the couch for anyone who needs them as well.

The u-shape will feel more enclosed and add some extra comfort as you nap. The tall sides can help block out some of the natural sunlight and provide extra darkness while you nap.

If you love to take naps in your living room, then consider the sectional designs and how each one can fit into your everyday nap schedules.

Contact a furniture store for more information about sectionals