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Properly Caring For Hickory Furniture

Whether you recently bought a hickory chair or table in the near past, or are in the process of looking for a fine piece to add to your furnishings, you want to take the proper precautions when it comes to wood care. Here are steps to take to keep your hickory furniture in the best condition possible.

Pick The Proper Placement For Your Furniture

Instead of placing hickory chair furniture inside of your home without worrying about its positioning, it is best to conduct an assessment of the room where you wish to keep hickory pieces first. Hickory needs to be kept in an area away from direct sunlight. If you intend on placing a table or chairs in a room where sunlight is known to drift inside, invest in window coverings to protect your pieces at times sunshine is abundant. Direct sunlight can cause fading of hickory wood. In addition, keep your furniture in a location away from heating vents as they can cause drying of the wood to occur.

Use The Proper Cleaning Tools

When you clean hickory chair furniture, avoid using silicone wax-based cleaning agents. These will leave behind a hazy finish, taking away from the natural beauty of hickory wood. Instead of applying a cleaning agent directly to a hickory piece, spray a bit upon a clean, dry piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth is made of microfiber or fleece to avoid any scratching of the surface of the wood as you apply the cleaning agent. Rub the cleaner into the wood along with the grain, and then use another piece of clean, dry cloth to remove any excess cleaner afterward.

Use Hickory For Decorative Purposes

Avoid using hickory tables as writing surfaces as impressions from writing instruments can be left behind upon the surface.  Most people use hickory pieces in their dining areas, living rooms, or studies. Use a tablecloth as a means of protection if you need to place weight upon it. Cushioned seating pads also help in the protection of hickory chairs.

Move Hickory Pieces With Care

When you need to reposition a piece of hickory chair furniture from one location to another, prepare in advance for the move instead of dragging the furniture across the floor. This could cause the breakage of legs, as well as mars in the wood as they move across the floor. Use furniture pads to place underneath the legs of a table or chair before pushing it into its new location. Always check the path of the area you intend to use to get a piece of furniture to its new location to ensure there are no nails, staples, or other protrusions that could cause knicks or scratches to occur as the furniture is moved.

For more information on how to care for hickory chair furniture, contact a professional near you.