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3 Reasons To Use Glass Chair Mats To Protect Your Office Floors

If you want to stop chairs from damaging your office's carpets or floors, then you can put down a mat under each chair. These mats prevent chair legs and wheels from making track marks in carpets and scratches on floors.

If you're interested in this solution, then you have to decide whether to use plastic or glass mats. While plastic mats do a good job, glass products typically do a better one. Why should you buy glass chair mats?

Glass Mats Last Longer

High-quality plastic chair mats are durable. However, like any plastic, these products can get damaged over time.

For example, the legs and wheels on a chair will scrape at the mat; a person's weight on the chair can flatten the plastic, weaken it, and create dents in the surface. These problems can ultimately damage the plastic.

If a plastic mat tears or gets a hole in it, then it becomes a liability to use. Chair legs might get caught in the mat. It won't give full protection to the floor any longer. So, at some point, you'll need to replace the mat.

Glass chair mats last a lot longer. They are made from tough and durable glass. They can take a person's weight without getting damaged. Chair legs and wheels shouldn't create scrapes or holes. Your risk of damage is much lower, and your mats will have a longer working life.

The longer your mats last, the less often you'll have to pay to replace them. So, this also makes glass mats the most cost-effective solution.

Glass Mats Are Easier to Clean

Plastic chair mats lose some of their good looks as they are used. The plastic might yellow with age. It might also get scuff marks and dirt on it that embed in the surface. You'll find it hard to keep these mats clean as they get older.

If these mats start to look worn and dirty, then they don't look good. They could make your offices look shabby. A dirty mat that retains a lot of dust and dirt also becomes a health hazard for anyone with allergies.

Glass chair mats are a lot easier to maintain. You simply wipe dust and surface dirt off the mats every now and then. You shouldn't have scuff mark problems, and dirt and dust won't embed in the glass.

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