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Important Details To Check When You Buy Clear Stackable Storage Bins

Buying a quantity of clear stackable storage bins provides you with a good amount of storage space for all sorts of items. Whether you plan to place these bins on shelves in your home, in your garage, or even in a self-storage facility in your area, you'll appreciate how the clear plastic allows you to quickly identify the contents. When you shop for these storage bins, you'll find many different products on the market. A bin's length, width, and depth are important to consider, but here are some additional useful details to keep in mind to ensure that you buy the right bins. 

Weight Allowance

When you look at different bins, you'll usually see information about their weight allowance. This number represents the amount of weight you can add to the bin without affecting its structural integrity. The weight can vary significantly among storage bins, including among those of the same size. Think about what you plan to place in the bins. If you have to store heavy items, such as books, you'll want bins that offer a good amount of weight allowance, such as 20 pounds per bin.

Handle Design

The handles of clear storage bins can vary considerably. Some handles have a thin, minimalist design, while others are bulkier. You can expect to see some handles that are simply made of plastic, as well as others that have a rubber coating that provides a better grip. There are numerous pros and cons to each design, so it's worthwhile to think about what you like best. For example, if you lack hand strength due to a health condition, such as arthritis, you may feel that bins with large, rubber handles are a better option for you.

Lid Design

The lids of clear storage bins can also differ. Some lids are designed to press into place on top of the bin, while others have clasps that you clip over the lid to ensure that it remains in position. The former style isn't as secure but allows you to open the bin faster. Lids that have clasps are slower to remove, especially if they have a clasp on each of their four sides, but they create a better seal that will help to keep humidity out of the bin. You can choose which lid design suits you best, based on what you're storing in the bins and how often you anticipate needing to open them.

Contact a local storage bin supplier, such as Go Vets, to learn more about your different bin options.